Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated vans are very much the same as ordinary vans to look at but inside they are designed to allow the user to carry perishable goods without fear of them going off. The temperatures can be set to suit different products. If you work in an industry where you need a refrigerated van there are plenty of companies who will be able to provide what you need. It can range from frozen foods to chilled foods or flowers. Anything that can go off or die in the heat will benefit from the use of a refrigerated van.

Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated Van Considerations

It is important to understand the temperatures that the products you are going to be moving need to be kept at. If they need to be refrigerated the vans temperature operates at +1 degrees. If a mistake is made and a freezer van is used this will be -25 degrees and far too cold for your needs.

There are plenty of different sizes and if you buy a small van and then realise that you would have been better off with a bigger one it is possible to get a refrigerated trailer. This will be towed behind the van but has a number of advantages. It stops you having to buy another refrigerated van and also can be left in one location while the van is moved elsewhere. Sizes range from the same size as a car and go up to 7.5 ton.

Gatwick Refrigeration

Gatwick Refrigeration is a good example of a company that will be able to help you when you want to buy a refrigerated van. As well as selling vans that have a wide range of spare parts and will be able to carry out any repairs you need. They have a large workshop where they are able to work on the refrigerated vans regardless of whether or not it is a repair to your own van or you want to have another one made. This does not just include the refrigeration type you need, but also how you want the inside of the refrigerated van to look. The shelves can be designed as will best suit your business.

Make Up of a Refrigerated Van

Vantastic are able to transform your own vehicle into a refrigerated van. They have designed and produce their own range of thermal insulated panels and they can be made to fit any size vans and can be either refrigerated or frozen. The panels are:-

  • Stable and designed so as they will last a long time.
  • Made so as they can be used in your van regardless of the size and are totally ozone friendly.
  • Lightweight. With a large van and a lot of stock it will be best not to have heavy panels as well.
  • All floors are finished with a none slip blue and smooth covering. There are different types available such as those suitable for fish floor, pallet floor etc.

Once you have decided on the company you intend to buy your refrigerated van from there are plenty of decisions left to make. You will soon have the van exactly how you want it.

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