Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated Van and Truck Rental

Companies transfer goods all across the country and on many occasions they cross borders. Now that freight does not travel by train as much as it used to do there is the need to have refrigerated vehicles to take some items. There are companies that sell vehicles that are fully fitted with a refrigeration unit and there are also companies who will be able to transform your own vans. If you do not think this is something you will need on a regular basis or just need them for a short time because your own vehicles are off the road you can search for companies who specialise in refrigerated van and truck rentals.

Refrigerated Van and Truck Rental

It can be expensive to buy a vehicle if you do not think you will be using it all the time. For butchers who deliver and florists who will see their businesses fail if they are not able to keep their products fresh, always having a vehicle will be a good option but for others there may be only occasional use so refrigerated van and truck rental companies will be of great use to them.

What Refrigerated Van and Truck Rental is Available?

Sunrent are a company who arrange different options when it comes to refrigerated van and truck rentals. It is possible to get vans and trucks off the forecourt or have them designed to meet your company needs. If you do have your own fleet and then have problems with a couple of them it is good to know that there are people who can provide a replacement for you at short notice. It can also be a good way to temporarily expand your business. Trade may be picking up but until you are sure that it is a long term prospect you will want to rent rather than invest in a vehicle you may not get your use out of. By doing this on a fairly long term basis you will know from week to week how much you will be paying.

What Types of Hire Are There?

There are different ways to rent a van and all of them have different advantages for certain circumstances:

  • Contract Hire – the company own the van and you can have it designed as you want it. You pay for the driver, petrol and insurance while all repairs will be covered for you. This can be for a period of 3, 4 or 5 years and you can decide this during negotiations depending on the cost.
  • Operating Lease – you have more responsibilities with this and it means that you can use who you want for any repairs and if you have your own team the cost can be minimal.
  • Contract to Buy – this way you initially rent the vehicle but at the end of the contract you own the vehicle. This can be done during the contract period or at the end.
  • Fleet Maintenance – If you are in a position to do this you can hand responsibility of the fleet to the leasing company. You can find a way to get a good deal with refrigerated van and truck rentals and then spend more time running your company with one less thing to worry about.
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