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Refrigerated Van Hire

While refrigerated van hire is not a service we may need on a regular basis it is mandatory when transporting goods that can be perishable - especially in large quantities. Unless this is something you do every day, there is no point in actually buying a refrigerated van - however using one is necessary, which is where the refrigerated van hire service comes in.

Refrigerated Van Hire

When do you Need Refrigerated Van Hire?

Refrigerated vans are used to transport perishable goods in large quantities, usually on distances that are so long that the goods that are transferred are in danger of ending up with decreased or completely lost usability. This usually refers to food - either dairy, meat products or frozen foods, or even occasionally vegetables and fruits.

You cannot use a refrigerated van hire to transport toxic substances or substances that have restricted legal usage. Also, special provisions apply for international transportation, which you may need to look into if this is what you need a refrigerated van hire for.

Where can one Find Refrigerated Van Hire?

A short and efficient option is browsing a website like which contains a list of companies based on their location and activity fields, out of which you can choose whichever one suits you based on the information they offer. The website presents customer reviews, contact information, a short presentation of each company and even photos, where available.

For a more thorough search, you can choose a couple of refrigerated van hire services websites and read each company's presentation of services, after which you can request an online quotation. Most companies will not offer you a price directly, but will request you to fill in information on how long you need the service for, how often and for what distance - based on which they will return with a personalised offer. There are cases in which the companies will also include in the price a mandatory number of days for which you have to hire the refrigerated van. If your trips are short and you do not need the van for long, be careful to check for that option.

Some Refrigerated Van Hire Options

Here are some options in the UK for refrigerated van hire:

  • Cool Running Rental ( - Located in Lancashire, the company is part of a van rental company that has been running since 1924. Enquiries can be sent either through an online form or an SMS message and a direct number exists for bookings.
  • Acrobat Rental ( – Acrobat Rental's website provides information on all possible vehicles, including daily rates and technical details like size, engine capacity, fuel tank or top speed. Enquiries can be made by telephone and e-mail.
  • Bargain Van Rental ( - A car rental company that also offers refrigerated vans, the Bargain Van Rental website presents information on all available vehicles in this category. Quotations can be obtained by filling in an online form. Bookings and enquiries can be made online or through telephone.
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