Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated Van Manufacturers

There are many refrigerated van manufacturers most of which sell custom made refrigeration units to meet your needs. Whether stand alone units or complete vehicles quality refrigerated van manufacturers will have a model and size to fit your budget and requirement. Refrigerated van manufactures span in terms of location from North and South America to India and China and warm regions where the demand is high for refrigerated vans and product storing and transport.

Refrigerated Van Manufacturers

Refrigerated Van Manufacturers - Glacier Vehicles and Ice Craft

Glacier Vehicles is a major commercial refrigerated van manufacturer that offers high quality fridge vans, freezer vans and refrigerated vans and also have a very large selection of new and used vehicles that meet your exact needs. Glacier is a specialised refrigerated van manufacturer and has over forty new and used vehicles in stock at any given time. Glacier refrigerated vehicles will deliver your newly purchased vehicle to your door regardless of destination and always free of charge.

Ice Craft is another refrigerated van manufacturer that specialises in converting panel vans and box body trucks into refrigerated vans. Ice Craft conversions have been in business for over 25 years by taking a standard van or vehicle and converting it into a fridge van. Ice Craft devotes time and money into intensive research and development to ensure they have the most technologically advanced lining in the world, by using an advanced computer modelling program that has led to personalising a liner for every type of vehicle to ensure a leak proof seal.

Refrigerated Van Manufacturers - Cool Freeze

Cool Freeze is another refrigerated van manufacturer that has been a producer of quality refrigerated van conversions since 1979. Cool Freeze supplies refrigerated truck bodies up to 3.5 tons and fridge bodies are made to meet your specifications. Cool Freeze manufactures bodies ranging from car derived thirty foot vans to smaller cargo type minivans. With Cool Freezes 3.5 and 7.5 ton refrigerated vehicles they are regarded within the industry as being the most economical refrigerated body currently available.

Refrigerated Van Manufacturers - GRP and Cool Kit

One of the leading refrigerated van manufacturers is GRP who enjoys a reputation for building top quality refrigerated vans and has been recognised as an industry leader for over thirty years. Refrigerated vans built by GRP can be seen every day in action. GRP provides a high quality standard on their refrigerated boxes and they have a team of experienced engineers working on practical production techniques. All finished GRP refrigerated box bodies leave the factory with a full manufacturer's warranty so customers can get the maximum efficiency out of their refrigerated box.

Cool Kit Limited is another refrigerated van manufacturer that has produced conversions on over 2,600 vehicles and established themselves as a dominant refrigerated van manufacturer in the industry, with sales growth increases of more than 50% in 2010. Cool Kit is a refrigerated van manufacturer of fully fitted and commissioned fridge van conversions and a variety of brand new refrigerated vans. They are also a source for customised new or used vans converted to fit any budget.

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