Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated Van Rentals

There are different sizes of vans to consider when it comes to refrigerated van rentals and each varies in price. The vehicles are available for rental for durations of one day to a full month on average and refrigerated van rentals can come in five different sizes and temperature requirements. The first type of refrigerated van rental is the smaller 2.3 ton van that has a Hubbard 390 AEL-12. This smaller refrigeration unit will chill or freeze to -25c, or heat above +20c. The typical unit is also equipped with a 12v trickle- charger wired for electric standby and has a 1631 pound load capacity. Refrigerated van rentals of this type generally start at £86 a day.

Refrigerated Van Rentals

Medium and Large Sized Refrigerated Van Rentals

Another type of refrigerated van rentals is a slightly larger van at 3.5 ton in weight which has three different wheel bases from a regular or (short wheel base), a medium wheel base and finally a long or (full size) wheel base. This refrigerated van rental has a larger Hubbard 460 refrigeration unit and also can chill or freeze products to – 25c and heat to +15c. This unit has a load capacity of 2756 pounds. This refrigerated van rental rate starts at £117 a day. Refrigerated van rentals can have a 14 to 16ft van and have an overall GVW of 14,500 with a load capacity of up to 5,733 lbs. Features include increased power with a Hubbard 720 and they can chill or freeze products to -30c and heat products to +20c. They are also equipped with a 32A standby for the refrigeration unit and can also feature an automatic start stop for the unit which will save fuel and produce lower emissions.

Refrigerated Van Rentals Additional Features

Another great feature of refrigerated van rentals is they are equipped with hydraulic lift gates for easier loading and unloading of refrigerated goods and the hydraulic lift gates have a load capacity of 2,000 pounds. Heavy duty insulated rear doors help to maintain consistent interior temperatures. This unit also features a removable mid bulkhead with a frankit & thermostat. A transcan-2 temperature recorder is another feature in refrigerated van rentals that has two temperature probes at the front and rear of the vehicle and it also includes door opening and defrost times. With load sensing hydraulic brakes this feature will let you know if you're over weight capacities.

Refrigerated Van Rentals Satellite Services

On most refrigerated van rentals standard equipment includes satellite tracking which is a great feature to have in case of a breakdown as it enables the rental agency to know exactly where you are to send out help. All refrigerated van rentals come equipped with satellite temperature monitoring which is a feature that is a very important and convenient to have as it reports any change in the climate control and informs the agency (who then contact the hired driver) to inform of any unit breakdown. This protects the integrity of the products being transported. Refrigerated van rentals are the way to go if you have products which require reliable climate control.

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