Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated Van Suppliers

Refrigerated van suppliers are conveniently located in many urban areas where there is an active business community of caterers, special event providers, restaurants and retail food wholesalers or outlets. Refrigerated van suppliers provide climate controlled vehicles and storage facilities which can keep a variety of products cold for a number of commercial applications. Whether delivering cold beverages to a serving location on demand or providing appropriately safe refrigeration of highly perishable foods such as meat or poultry refrigerated van suppliers offer a variety of vehicle sizes and specifications for commercial application.

Refrigerated Van Suppliers

Locating Refrigerated Van Suppliers

Finding refrigerated van suppliers in the UK is not difficult. Typically they are listed in business directories online. One option to consider if you are planning to purchase a vehicle for your own business is to consider the resale market available rather than brand new vehicles through refrigerated van suppliers. The private sale of similar vehicles can be found listed on a variety of sites including the popular online classified "Preloved – The Joys of Second Hand". The site is excellent as it provides a sorting feature allowing you to search listings by keyword to customise the search as well as filter the advertisements so that more recent opportunities appear at the top of the search queue.

Retail or Pre-Owned Refrigerated Van Suppliers

A multiple of listings across the UK are available for new or pre-owned vehicles through refrigerated van suppliers on websites such as Cool Market where custom conversions are listed. While most larger businesses would consider purchasing a new unit or a fleet from refrigerated van suppliers, given the steady rental business that they incur there is also a reliable number of pre-owned or used vehicles that would suit a small to mid-sized business at a fraction of the cost of a new vehicle. Many times refrigerated van suppliers have maintained the vehicle as part of their own rental fleet and are very forthcoming about the quality of the vehicle and any issues and some even provide extended warranties and after sales services.

Weighing the Options

Refrigerated van suppliers offering showrooms of new (and rather pricey) vehicles are not your only option when looking to purchase a climate controlled truck for your small or medium sized business. Many independent companies that specialise in fabrication and cartage will offer the opportunity to build a custom refrigeration unit for you. If you have an existing cube van that meets the minimal requirements it is possible to invest in a customisation of the vehicle to transform it into a refrigerated unit.

The process is far less complicated than it may appear and involves retrofitting of a cooling unit (proportionate of course to the storage size), a liner which according to most local governance is required to prevent the leaking of fluids out of the vehicle for the health reasons, and a thermostat with an external read out to allow for accurate monitoring of the cargo temperature by the driver. There are many refrigerated van suppliers willing to assist you with purchase or hire of climate controlled vehicles for commercial use. The service is well sought after and therefore widely available in most city centres and commercial areas.

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