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Second Hand Refrigerated Van

If it's not in your budget to buy a brand new refrigerated van consider purchasing a second hand refrigerated van instead! A second hand refrigerated van has been well maintained and serviced by the fleet owner and are (in most cases) in a 'like new' condition while being sold at a fraction of the price of new refrigerated vans, making them the ideal choice for small or medium sized business budgets.

Second Hand Refrigerated Van

Sourcing Second Hand Refrigerated Vans

Cool Van has the reputation for supplying quality second hand refrigerated vans in the United Kingdom and the company also fully backs all products with a warranty which can be extended to cover the refrigeration unit as well. Extended warranties start at £150. Additionally any second hand refrigerated van bought from Cool Van comes with a twenty four hour roadside assistance plan. Since a quality second hand refrigerated van is in such demand for commercial purchase, Cool Van rotate their stock regularly to keep a wide variety of options available for purchase. And with well over twenty years of experience in the refrigerated van industry, they can install a new refrigerated unit on all of their second hand refrigerated vans if required. They will also buy your used van whether you're just parting it out or want to sell the entire vehicle. Additionally if you're looking for a second hand refrigerated van and they don't have the one you require in stock they will assist by finding you one.

For over thirty five years Poulton (another second hand refrigerated vans and commercial vehicle provider) has dominated the market with an exceptional workforce and industrial vehicle knowledge which make them the preferred choice when purchasing a second hand refrigerated van. With a vast array of services and advice for the second hand refrigerated van market, Poulton also provides conversions and alterations which can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. They will also tailor build your second hand refrigerated van including the installation of extra seating, tow bars or fitted windows.

Worth Checking Twice

Second hand refrigerated vans are used by many companies that carry chilled goods, frozen foods, the sandwich delivery van, fruit and vegetable sales and butcher and fish mongers. When buying a second hand refrigerated van there are a few things to consider. First think of the size of the second hand refrigerated van you require for your business and what temperatures do you need to chill or freeze your products. If the second hand refrigerated van is equipped to run with the engine off make sure that the standby is fully functional, do a hands on approach while looking at the van, take a look underneath at the frame make sure it is structurally sound. Don't forget to look for engine and transmission leaks and listen to the refrigeration unit itself to see if it makes any abnormal noises. Run the refrigeration unit for a few minutes to check if the cooling temperature is adequate, and remember that all second hand refrigerated vans will have to pass inspection by local governance before you take ownership for commercial use.

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