Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated Van Conversions

If you want to have a refrigerated van but are concerned that you may not be able to afford a new one there are a number of options for you to consider. It will be possible to get a second hand one or rent one, but even these two options can be a problem. Renting a van for a long time is going to be more expensive than buying in the long run. If you only have occasional jobs it may be worth considering but for if not you will need your own vehicle. You could buy a second hand van but it could be that you still don't want to do this. A final option is to have your existing van converted. This may seem a drastic option to take but if the van you already have will end up surplus to requirements then a refrigerated van conversion will be the best way forward.

Refrigerated Van Conversions

Cool Kit is able to transform your existing van into a refrigerated van. Once you have decided that you want to undergo a refrigerated van conversion you will need to find out how much it costs and also what will be done. Another concern might be whether or not this type of van will be as effective as one that is bought new. The company should be able to convince you that they are going to give you a van just as good as if it had been bought from new. The only difference will be that the van already has some miles on the clock.

How are Refrigerated Van Conversions Carried Out?

There are two basic elements and as these can be installed quickly your van will be off the road for a very short period of time. As Coolkit realise time is money they will want to get you back to work as quickly as they can.

An insulated lining will be fitted and this will mean that the warm air outside the van will not be able to have an effect on the items that you have inside it. The company design their own lining and as a result there is a strong, durable and very capable lining in place. They use all the latest technology to both design and fit the insulation. The second stage is the heating unit. This may seem to be a strange name for a system that is designed to keep things cool and this will be linked to the engine that is already in your van. This unit will make sure that all the heat is removed from the van. The gauge will be set so that the van will always be the correct temperature. It will be possible to have a unit from any manufacturer used if you have a preference but the usual ones on offer are Hubbard, GAH and Diavia.

Success of Refrigerated Van Conversions

Once you have undertaken a refrigerated van conversion you will not be concerned about buying new vans again. You will be driving a van you are used to and still have the refrigerated elements you need.

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