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Refrigerated Van Insurance

In the case of perishable goods, there are lots of precautions that need to be taken. Everything needs to be calculated, almost down to the minute, to ensure that the goods are being sold in time - otherwise everything invested in them will be lost. Transportation needs to be efficient, timely and, as much as possible it needs to end up delivering the goods in the exact state that they were picked up. Unfortunately, even if we plan everything, things don't always go as planned. For this, mankind invented insurances - in this case, the refrigerated van insurance.

Refrigerated Van Insurance

General information on Refrigerated Van Insurance

Most companies that offer refrigerated vans for hire will have contracted some kinds of insurances to cover their losses for any eventuality. If you do not have your own refrigerated van, but are renting it or hiring it from another company, you need to look into everything that is covered by their insurance and included in their hiring fee.

If you represent a company that has its own vans, you will need to look into an insurance policy that covers as many aspects as possible. You may occasionally frown at a higher price, but it does usually include more features - and in this particular case more is better. In the case of refrigerated vans, as opposed to other types of vehicles, insurances are particularly recommended, due to higher risks of accidents (due to the substances that allow the van to keep the temperature down, which can run risks of explosions) and increased costs in replacing the van, in case of theft or accident - which may be hard to cover if it happens.

Refrigerated Van Insurance Options

In most insurance cases, most of the insurance companies will provide you with an online form which you can use to request a quotation. However, if this is the first time you go through the process, you may want to try to contact them through telephone - a live conversation might be more insightful and may be able to clear up more aspects than an online form.

Here are some companies that offer refrigerated van insurance:

  • Adrian Flux ( - Their offer includes free legal cover, personal accident insurance, UK and European breakdown rates and European green card cover. Instalment plans are available and, in the event of an accident, a courtesy vehicle is offered.
  • Easy Lemon Squeezy ( - Is an insurance broker that will intermediate between you and various insurance companies for certain types of insurance. In the case of refrigerated van insurance, the company can present two separate offers.
  • Gladiator Insurance ( - Offers van, liability and other car-related insurances. Quotations can be obtained online through a form or by contacting the customer service team by telephone.
  • Auto Direct ( - Is an insurance company who specialise in car insurances - including refrigerated vans. Quotations can be requested by calling the customer care number or by requesting to be called back by one of the company representatives.
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