Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated Van Lease

A refrigerated van is a trailer or a truck and trailer combination that provides cool storage containment in the back of the vehicle. Depending on the style of the truck or van, a refrigerated van lease can provide wholesale cooling of food or other cargo inside it's storage for an indefinite period of time. If the refrigerated van lease provides a unit where the electricity required to draw from is created independently from generator, it can offer a tremendous convenience in disaster areas or where the electricity grid has proven to be unavailable for short term or long term assignments.

Refrigerated Van Lease

Given the cost of maintaining business fleets of vehicles in terms of repair, insurance and rising fuel costs it makes more sense for a business to procure a refrigerated van lease on demand rather than purchasing one outright. That way the business would only incur the expense on an "as needed" basis. For businesses who provide the service of a refrigerated van lease it can certainly be a popular resource and one that is worth investing with steady demand for a variety of uses.

Refrigerated Van Lease for Special Events

There are a number of opportunities where a refrigerated van lease makes sense and can assist. For caterers who are working at outdoor events there is a need for mobile refrigeration for beverages or foods that must remain below temperatures to be safe for consumption. In many outdoor events such as weddings or music concerts and even fundraising special events, you can find a plethora of vehicles parked neatly behind serving tents or stages which accommodate the need. Depending on the size of event it is very common to find smaller individual compact and stand alone trailers which are delivered ahead of time and assigned to food and beverage service providers.

Emergency Refrigerated Van Lease

A refrigerated van lease can also be used at the request of a commercial insurance agency. Restaurants which find themselves with food storage that can be ruined or lost during an electrical failure can in most cases arrange for a refrigerated van lease to assist by maintaining the frozen or refrigerated foods from spoiling. The unit can be delivered and parked behind the restaurant in a secure place and used by the staff in lieu of a commercial refrigeration unit until the kitchen is restored to full functioning. In the case of minor restaurant renovations or improvements where it is possible for the restaurant to remain open it is common to arrange a refrigerated van lease.

Temperature Controlled Transportation

In some situations there is a need to move temperature sensitive foods from one location to another. Companies that provide wholesale food or beverage products to restaurants can require the use of a refrigerated van lease in order to move products from one location to another. While many beverage products can be delivered at room temperature, if the restaurant or pub is a busy one and running low of certain supplies it can necessitate the delivery of pre-chilled products. Foods such as meat, eggs and other temperature sensitive foods must be delivered using a refrigerated van lease.

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